used Ford C-Max

Are you looking for a used compact MVP? If so, why not try a nearly new Ford C-Max? The C-Max could be everything you are looking for in a comfortable, stylish family MVP. If you are a previous C-Max owner, then you already know how great this car is. In either case, Dealer Reviews can help you locate a nearly new C-Max at a local Ford dealer. Feel free to use our built-in search engine and read our reviews.

Families appreciate the C-Max because it means all their needs are met. From a budget standpoint, you get a lot for your money. It offers plenty of cargo capacity and excellent fuel efficiency along with a very reasonable price point. In terms of driving capabilities, the C-Max is just as much at home in the city as on the motorway. And, of course, every nearly new C-Max comes with the backing of Ford's reputation.

Model range: Zetec Titanium Titanium X
Body styles: 5 Door with Estate style Boot

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The C-Max was introduced back in 2003 at the same time the company was developing their Escape Hybrid for the North American market. As such, the C-Max was confined to Europe initially. It was eventually released in New Zealand and then the US. It was the first Ford car built on the C1 platform.

A seating capacity of five (at minimum) is what makes the C-Max most attractive to families. Yet despite that seating capacity, the C-Max still offers a considerable amount of cargo space that can be increased by reconfiguring the interior spaces using the foldaway seats. The nearly new C-Max you are looking for will be a second-generation vehicle built on the Global C platform. If you are lucky, you might find a newer model with a seating capacity of seven. You'll still enjoy the same spacious cargo capacity thanks to a flexible interior.